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Our Goal: Simply to provide you with the healthiest, tastiest, most tender, Wagyu beef, at an affordable price.

Our Wagyu beef is produced from some of the best Wagyu genetics in the United States.  Please look under the "Buy Cattle" tab to look at the superior quality of the animals we use in our beef production.  As a part of our quality program, we keep a number of  Fullblood, registered bulls and cows, sampling their offspring for the meat qualities we seek. 

The health benefits of grass fed beef is well known and documented.  The unique tastes of Wagyu (Kobe) beef, due to its fine marbling and tender taste,  is why we feel we are offering the healthiest, tastiest grass fed-finished beef you can buy.  

Our research and experience show that only the most succulent grasses and legumes will produce the grass fed meat you seek. We use extensive managed grazing practices so that our forages are in a very desirable luscious state.  We have established and maintain clovers and alfalfa throughout our pasture and hay paddocks

We now offer Wagyu (Kobe) beef finished on a vegetarian diet.  They are finished on a healthy diet including oats, rolled barley, soy, cottonseed, molasses and corn.  This beef if highly marbled, tasty and tender which made this breed so farmous.   

All of our beef is antibiotic and growth hormone free.

Grass Fed Wagyu
Grass Fed Beef

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