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We are members of the American Wagyu Association.  Many of our animals are registered.  Others can be if important to you.  Because the meat from our animals are very valuable to us, we are in a position to select only the very best seed stock animals.

We have sold bulls to commercial producers selling on a grid, that have experienced much higher prices from the calves from their Non-Wagyu cow herd. This is due to the significant increase in marbling and higher grading of the animals produced.

We have fullblood Wagyu bulls for sale ranging from one year to six years.  We also have fullblood Wagyu heifers and cows for sale.

We have purebred heifers and cows ranging from one half Wagyu to seven/eights Wagyu.

Some heifers and cows have calves by their side and some are bred to a fullblood registered bull.

Our blood lines include progeny from fullbloods:

     Sire:  Michifuku FB1615          Dam: UKB Terakane  FB6190
     Sire: Sanjirou FB2501             Dam: CHR MS Kikushige 018  FB4016
     Sire: Yasufuku JR FB5061      Dam: MS Nakazakura2 FB6452
     Sire:  Itozuru Doi FB3685        Dam: CF 503 FB5698
 All sales are by private treaty.

If you are interested, please call 573-690-6778 or email
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