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e are now taking orders for beef portions currently being harvested.  See information below.

We are in the process of establishing an on-line store which will facilitate purchase of steaks, roasts, briskets, ground beef and other cuts.  Due to the amount of heavy local demand, we are currently not shipping any product.

These cuts are available at our farm and at several farmers markets and stores.  

We normally carry a pretty good supply at our farm located at 8001 Bode Ferry Rd., Jefferson City, Missouri 65101   If you wish to order for a farm pickup, please complete the contact form below and indicate your desires in the comments section.
You can contact us at 573-690-6778 or email 

If you are not familiar with grass fed Wagyu (Kobe) beef, we highly recommend some ground beef.  You probably never dreamed that a burger could taste this good.

Per lb
   Fillet  30.00  Per lb 
 10.00 Per lb 
   Strip Steak
15.00  Per lb
15.00 Per lb 
   Rib Eye
15.00 Per lb 
   Rib Steak
12.00 Per lb 
   Round 9.00 Per lb 
   Sirloin 10.50 Per lb 
  T Bone
Per lb
 6.50 Per lb
  Inside Round
7.00 Per lb
   Rump 7.00
Per lb
   Sirloin Tip
7.50 Per lb
 Ground Beef: 
Ground Beef
 Per lb
 Other Cuts & Items:
Beef Suet (Fat)
Per lb
10.00  Per lb
   Heart 4.00 Per lb
 4.00 Per lb
Per lb
   Short Ribs
6.00  Per lb
   Soup Bone
5.00  Per lb
   Tongue 4.00 Per lb
 Animal Portions:
 Animal portions are available for pickup only.
 Please contact us for pricing and details.


Contact Information

After you submit your request , we will provide you with a price estimate as soon as possible.   Supply of cuts and portions vary by season and other factors.  
Please call us at 573-690-6778 or email: if you have any questions or comments.  We would appreciate any comments about your experience with our products, service, and your experience or suggestions concerning our new website under construction.

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